Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time for Some Reflection

As you can no doubt surmise I have abandon my 9 month quest for the iPhone. The quest does not end easily. If Apple announced within 3 months that the iPhone would appear in Canada I would surely wait for its arrival. But that will not happen. I believe the iPhone will not reach these maple leaf shores for at least a year if not more...or God forbid....never. Despite Rogers protestations to the contrary.
So when Apple announced the new iPod Touch, I jumped at the chance. Here was a device that I have been looking for. This will be a surprised to many of you but I do not own a cell phone. For various reasons I have not wanted to be at the beck and call of anyone and also been deterred by the prohibited pricing. So I have turned my back on the cell phone. Now, you may ask, why have I coveted the iPhone......For one reason. I have always wanted to have the Internet and email in the palm of my hand. Ever since watching Star Trek original series I have always wanted a "Tricorder" that would give me the world's knowledge at my finger tips. When the iPod Touch was announced I thought my wish was fulfilled.....But as always with dream fulfilment there are prat falls. The first reviews of the iPod Touch are good but with one craveat....Something is terrible wrong with the screen!? It seems that the first round of iPod Touch releases have a problem with "white to black" gradient . The Touch has a very dark portfolio. Meaning it is very hard to distinguish features in a photo or video that is in a dark setting. I was flabbergasted when I heard the reviews...I would have never expected Apple to release their best iPod with the not so best video display. I began to imagine the scenario in China -the iPhone was on the assembly line and there must have been many screens being tested that did not pass the high quality expected to be among the inaugural screens on the iPhone. If you remember the first reviews about the iPhone, it had amazingly sharp contrast . Did Apple set aside the not so amazing screens, that did not pass the mustered for the iPhone, but may have been reserved for the inevitable release of the up coming iPod Touch....I hope not.

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