Monday, July 9, 2007

Hold The iPhone!...BestBuy?!

Well folks the first crack in the iPhone-Canada caper may have just occurred. But where was the first leak? Not at Rogers, or Telus, or Canada Bell. No the first official iPhone offer comes from BestBuy Canada! Who would have thunk it. They just put up a web page on their site soliciting your email for what they promise to be updates on the availability of the iPhone.

Either this is the worst case of gorilla marketing or we really have a fish on the hook. This might be legit since Apple have only about 4 stores in Canada and 3 of them in Toronto. BestBuy, which have about 40 stores nation wide, may be a means for Apple to sell the iPhone in Canada. I've put my email in the BestBuy system to see if the line tugs the right way. If all I get is a bunch of BestBuy spam I'm going to freak. Freak like I've never freaked before. Well...they've been warned.

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